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Home Staging: Four (4) Quick and Easy DIY Kitchen Updates For Homesellers
When it comes to selling home properties, prepping the kitchens is usually the number one priority. As one of the top features sought by potential homebuyers, the entire appearance and feel of this area could make or break the deal between the seller and the buyer themselves. There are instances when simple cleaning would not be enough. As a homeseller, the need to update or upgrade is sometimes necessary to make it more marketable.
Here are four (4) of the quickest and easiest do-it-yourself (DIY) tips to improve its salability. Learn how you could transform this section without involving a lot of cash.

  1. Wallpaper. Apply removable wallpapers on one portion of the wall to add life to the room. This is especially helpful if you have open shelving to make it prominent and stand out from the rest. You need not cover all the walls. You could put it strategically on one corner, and then add an eight-inch wide strip from the ceiling to the floor to introduce texture. You could opt to use it on cabinets too to brighten up the space. Always go neutral in terms of shades and patterns.


  1. Lighting. How you carefully plan the lighting system on several corners of the room could bring a huge impact to the people who visit the place. For one, install inexpensive pendants over the islands and sinks. Swap out your old light fixtures with new ones. Place a table lamp on the counter for a warm and inviting ambience. Dress up your windows with cool-to-the-eyes colored curtains. If you have several movable cabinets or appliances, arrange them multiple times until you find the perfect spots that maximize the lights and space.


  1. Faucet and sink. Ensure that all aspects are working and in current style. If you’re using an outdated model of a sink, get a newer one. Give your faucet a facelift and replace them with modern features. There are those that have pull-out sprays which are practical and affordable. Make sure that they match each other for design purposes. Do not forget the little details such as liquid soap dispensers and paper towels.


  1. Decors. How you decorate your kitchen could also bring you a competitive edge against the various new houses for sale in the Philippine market. Simple changes such as employing a nice layout for your pots and pans could create a visual difference. Setup a rack so you could hang them all there.  Assemble your cooking utensils and pantry items in a stylish manner that is pleasing to the eyes. Throw in fresh linens to attain a neat and clean look. Place a cotton rag on the floor if you do not have the budget to remodel your floorings yet. Hang a couple of tasteful wall arts for a splash of color.

kitchen design
Remember that proper staging of your PH property is a vital part of the whole process of buying and selling. If you do it right, you could close the transaction in no time at all.


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